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Training for the RECREATIONAL User

Flying your unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is exciting and fun. NEW RULES - On October 19th federal regulators said they will require recreational drone users to register their aircraft with the FAA.  (FAA UAS)

“The signal we’re sending today is that when you’re in the national airspace, it’s a very serious matter,” Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx told reporters.

Regulators hope that forcing owners — many of whom are aviation novices — to register their drones with the government will at least make them think twice about their responsibility to fly safely and the possibility that they could be held accountable for an accident. As officials envision the system, new drone owners would have to register their purchases online and confirm that they have familiarized themselves with basic guidelines for where drones can fly and under what conditions. “It’s really hard to follow the rules if you don’t know what the rules are, or if the rules apply to you,” Foxx said.

 Foxx said the group has until Nov. 20 to finalize its recommendations so the government can set up the registry before Christmas — the peak season for drone sales. Foxx said the registration rules will also apply to people who have already bought drones in recent years, not just new owners. He said the FAA would impose penalties — which he did not spell out — on anyone who does not comply.

Learn how to fly your drone safely and learn the rules and regulations that go along with flying responsibly.


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